Russian Choir Concert

Sunday, November 19, 2017

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As part of their 2017 UK Tour, the famous VOSKRESENIJE Choir of St Petersburg will perform works from their new Concert program at St. Margaret's on Sunday, 19th November 2017 at 3pm. Tickets £10 are available from or by telephone to 07525920728. Download Concert flyer here.

The vocal ensemble "Resurrection" - Voskresenije in Russian - was founded by Jurij Maruk in 1993. It consists of seven to ten professional female and male vocalists. The repertoire of the ensemble includes Russian Sacred Music as well as folk music. Guest performances in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, the UK, France and Italy have met with great success, and the choir has recorded several CDs of their repertoire, which includes some specially composed arrangements of Burns songs by John McIntosh.

A recent review - "The Voskresenije Choir, all internationally trained at the world class St. Petersburg Conservatoire and conducted by musical director Jurij Maruk, sang a concert programme in two parts: the first half concentrated on Russian sacred music by Rachmaninov,Сhesnokov,Bortniansky, and the second a series of Russian folk songs, which allowed in particular each of the performers to provide a solo. The song about the drunk Bursch (set in a pub!) was particularly popular as it gave the Basso Profundo Anatoly Artamonov an opportunity to display an extraordinary range of bass notes that few even in the world of Russian choral music can attain. In all, the eight performers, four male and four female voices, sang for nearly an hour and a half, and thrilled the audience with their spectacular sound - the harmonies of which are unique to Russian music."

Concert program

Part one

1 «In Thy Kingdom Remenber Us,O Lord » S.Rachmaninov (1873-1943)

2 «Why art thou cast down, O my soul» Concerto no 33 D.Bortnyansky (1751-1825)

3 «Beheld a strange Christmas » G.Sviridov (1951-1998)

4 «We have no other help» A.Karpov

5 «Blessed is the Man» G.Lyubimov (1882-1934)

6 «Praise ye the Name of the Lord» L.Andreev

7 «The Repentant Thief » M.Burmagin

8 «Requiem aeternam» G. Verdi (1813-1901)

part two

1 Tania-Taniuscha

2 Autumn

3 Old husband, terrible husband (Gipsy song)

4 Here’s the Mail Coach -and- Three Rushing

5 A Red Red Rose ( Robert Burns)

6 In the wine cellar (Song of the Old Bachelor)

7 Two guitars