St. Margaret's National Pilgrimage 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017

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The 2017 National Pilgrimage to Dunfermline in honour of St Margaret of Scotland will take place this year on Sunday June 11th and will follow a similar format to previous successful events, with some minor additions.

From 10am, local stewards will be in attendance at the bus park, Pittencrieff Park, Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline to greet pilgrims and provide maps/directions for drivers to Leys Park Road. A map of central Dunfermline showing the various places of interest associated with St Margaret is available by clicking here.

As in previous years the bus park at Pittencrieff Park, Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline will be utilised for drop-off only for those pilgrims arriving by private hire bus. Drivers will thereafter be directed to the public car park, Leys Park Road, Dunfermline. Those pilgrims arriving by private vehicle should utilise public car parks within Dunfermline town centre. It should be noted that a charge is now made to park within public car parks on a Sunday after 1pm.

No parking will be available within the church grounds on the day.

Pilgrims should make their way into Pittencrieff Park, at the Louise Gates, Bridge Street, Dunfermline, where gazebos will be situated to the north side of the park. Stewards/Guides will be in attendance at the gazebos and will take groups of pilgrims to nearby religious/historical sites associated with St Margaret. The gazebos will also be available for shelter for pilgrims in the event of inclement weather. Negotiations are presently in course as to what facilities may be available within the gazebos and once decisions are made these will be published on the website and by press release at a later date.

Details of religious/historical sites for visiting are contained within a guide book, which will be available to purchase on the day or by contacting St Margaret’s Church prior to the event.

2:15pm Procession - The procession will commence from the Louise Gates, Pittencrieff Park, led by His Grace Archbishop Cushley, and Dunfermline Pipe Band and will process via Bridge Street, High Street, East Port, Dunfermline to St Margaret’s RC Church for a celebration of Mass at 3pm. Due to the large number of pilgrims attending it is requested that everyone follow directions of the volunteer stewards in forming for the procession and accessing the church and other venues.

3pm Mass - Mass at St. Margaret's RC Memorial Church concelebrated by Archbishop Cushley and a number of the local clergy. Due to the large number of pilgrims expected for this event, access to the Church will be limited due to its capacity and the requirements for health and safety. Once the Church is full, pilgrims who cannot be accommodated will be directed by stewards to the church crypt and/or to Carnegie Hall (opposite the Church), where a live transmission of the mass will be streamed. Priests will attend at all these locations for the distribution of Holy Communion.

After the conclusion of Mass, pilgrims are again requested to follow the directions of stewards in returning to their buses, or to local car parks.