Merger of Parishes - Parish Councils

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

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Following on from the decree issued by Archbishop Leo Cushley the Churches of Holy Name and St. Margaret's have now started the process of working together as one parish titled St. Margaret's, with two Church communities of the Holy Name, Oakley and St. Margaret's, Dunfermline.

It is recognised that both Church communities have vibrant and committed parishioners and to this end Father Heenan initially called a meeting of both Parish Councils to review what each church currently managed, and also to introduce both sets of PPC members to each other. After a very productive and interesting meeting it was noted that there are quite a number of current programmes going on which should remain separate entities and therefore be locally managed and run. Father Heenan decided that to merge the two Parish Councils at this point would not be the way ahead and therefore it was decided that both Parish Councils will continue to manage and police their respective Church communities with direction from the Parish Priest and that a further 1 or 2 joint meetings be arranged to further discuss and move the merger forward.

Father Heenan would like to thank the PPC of Holy Name for hosting this meeting and it is hoped that the willingness of both Parish Councils to share information and ideas will prove to be an asset as the two Churches continue to move forward as ONE.