Parish Priests

Current Priests

Fr. Syriac Palakudiyil

In 2021, Fr. Syriac was appointed by Archbishop Leo Cushley to St. Margaret’s Parish.

Fr. Syriac Palakudiyil OFM Cap

Fr. Christopher Heenan

In 2012, Fr. Chris Heenan was appointed the priest of St. Margaret’s Church.

Fr. Christopher Heenan

History of Priests at St. Margaret's

Fr. David Barr

Fr. Urquhart was succeeded by Fr. David Barr in 1989.

Fr. David Barr

Fr. John Urquhart

Fr. Urquhart was appointed as parish priest in 1984.

Fr. Bohanski

Fr. Bohanski – spiritual leader of the Polish community -would regularly conduct mass at St. Margaret’s Church between 1939 and 1945.

Fr. Patrick C Lynch

Fr. Patrick served Dunfermline between 1965 - 1984

Fr. Richard Delaney

Fr. Richard Delaney is the first parish priest formally inducted in Dunfermline by His Grace Archbishop MacDonald in 1936 - 1965.

Fr. Richard Delaney

Fr. James McGuire

Fr. James served Dunfermline between 1933 - 1936

1924 – 1933

There was a rapid succession of priests in charge of St. Margaret’s: Fr. Samuel France till 1926; Fr. Allan Gray till 1929; and Fr. Smith-Steinmetz till 1933; followed by Fr. Maguire.

Rev. William Mellon

Rev. William Mellon (later Bishop of Galloway) was appointed to Dunfermline in 1916.

Fr. David Robertson

Fr. David Robertson succeeded Fr. Mullen in 1903.

Fr. David Robertson

Fr. George Mullen

Fr. Mullen served Dunfermline between 1889 and 1903.

Fr. Mullen

Fr. Stephen Culhane

Fr. Stephen served Dunfermline between 1887 and 1889

Fr. Joseph B Hare

Fr. Joseph served Dunfermline between 1879 - 1887

Fr. Francis McKerrell

Fr. Francis served Dunfermline between 1867 - 1879