St. Margaret’s 200 Club

St Margaret’s 200 Club is the Parish's internal lottery to raise funds for the general running of the Parish. The Club is made up of members of the Parish who are allocated a number when they join. The cost of membership is £36 per year (£3 per month), with the membership running from April – March. Members are not restricted to one number and dues can be paid yearly or monthly. Each month randomly selected parishioners attending mass make the draw of the lottery numbers and members have the opportunity of winning monitory prizes. Winners are advised directly and the details of the winning numbers are detailed below and are posted in the Parish Newsletter.

For each monthly draw, there are five prizes: £100, £70, £40, £25 and £15 with the exception of the months of July and December when there are seven prizes: £200, £100, £80, £50, £25, £20 and £15. The surplus funds remaining after prizes have been paid out is presented once a year to Fr Heenan, for use within the Church. Since 2014, the 200 Club membership has presented Fr Heenan with cheques totalling £8100. For the year 2016/17 the 200 Club presented Fr Heenan with a further £3,000.

New members are always welcome, as an increased membership can raise more money for the Church. During the month of March the 200 Club organiser, Colin Caldwell will be attending various Masses to deliver renewal envelopes to existing members. If you are not already a member and wish to join, either contact Colin directly, or pass on your details to Fr Heenan or one of the pass keepers at Mass. Thank you for your continued support.

DUE to Restrictions with regards to the Pandemic the 200 Club is currently suspended