Men's Group

St. Margaret’s Men’s Group Objectives.

The aim of the Men’s Group is to bring together the men of the Parish in Social and Spiritual activities. Through our activities we raise funds to support good causes within the Parish and external charities.

Our Social Activities.

We have a number of regular social activities; for example a social evening at a local restaurant every two months, a walking group that meets about once a month when the weather is fair, annual dinner out with our partners, annual golf outing, theatre trips. If you want to join in these activities please see how you can be included on our distribution list below.

We will also run whole Parish events, usually in the Crypt. e.g. Fun Wine Tasting evening, Parish Winter Olympics. These are fun social evenings open to all Parishioners and are advertised in the Parish Newsletter.

Our Spiritual Activities.

During Advent and Lent we run weekly Scripture Group Meetings. Also for 2016 Jubilee of Mercy we ran monthly Scripture discussion groups. We may repeat this again in 2017. All men of the Parish are welcome to join these meetings. Look out for the notice in the Parish Bulletin.

Our Fundraising.

We are not a fundraising organisation. However, we often have a financial surplus from the events we run and we will occasionally run an event specifically to raise funds for one of our supported charities. Over the last few years we have been supporting Fr. John Bhakar Rao Madanu’s Parish and his work in India. He is now working with street children in Telangana province in India. We have also supported local charities like the One World Group and Mary’s Meals and will respond to requests to support disaster funds usually through SCIAF.

Our Meetings.

We usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month in the Church Crypt at 7:30pm. Look out for the notices in the Parish Newsletter for information on our meetings and activities. Date of next meeting = Tuesday, 8th August 2017.


Membership to the Men’s Group is informal. All men of the Parish are welcome to join in our meetings and activities. Notice of our meetings and some of our activities are published in the Parish Newsletter. If you would like to be kept informed of all our activities please send your email address to to be included on our distribution list.

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