One World Group

St. Margaret's One World Group is a registered charity No. SC037565

St. Margaret's One World Group Objectives
To assist worthwhile development projects and programmes in the poorest countries of the world and to provide emergency aid through charities and others working in areas that have suffered natural disasters and famine. Projects are supported on the basis of need and the potential to make a real difference to human, social and economic development; we look for quality of management, feedback, environmental and financial sustainability and value for money. Generally we support Christian Charities and those that we consider subscribe to the Christian ethos of “love your neighbour”.

The Group's principal fundraising efforts are through coffee mornings held each Saturday in the Crypt between 10:30am and 11:30am, and at Family Breakfasts held periodically (after Sunday 9am Mass). Income is augmented considerably where the donations are gift aided. Collection boxes for Mary’s Meals have also been distributed amongst supporters and these provide a steady source of income. These Collection boxes are available from the OWG table in the Crypt or from any member of the One World Group.

Mary's Meals
The One World Group is a prime supporter of Mary’s Meals. This charity aims to provide chronically hungry children with one meal every school day, encouraging education that can lift them out of poverty in later life. The One World Group now formally sponsors Geveh Fahncee Public School in Liberia through the Mary’s Meals school feeding programme. The school roll as at 2018 is 214 pupils (112 boys, 102 girls). The average global cost of feeding one child for a whole school year with Mary’s Meals is just £13.90. Each child is fed a meal of vitamin-enriched maize porridge / rice and peas each school day. As sponsors for the school, the One World Group require to raise £2,975 per year (£13.90 x 214 children). The 2018 Report on the school from Mary's Meals can be read here.

Help the One World Group to meet this ongoing commitment by donating at the regular Saturday coffee mornings in the Crypt, or by taking a Mary’s Meals money box for small change. These boxes are available in the Crypt or from any member of the One World Group.

Emergency Funding
When disasters strike, St. Margaret’s One World Group (OWG) seeks to be in a position to respond with funds to assist in recovery and relief efforts.  In 2017, the OWG has so far sent £1,200 to Mary's Meals East Africa Appeal (for emergency aid in that region where there has been a major famine); £250 to SCIAF (for their East Africa Appeal); and £250 to the Disasters Emergency Committee (for their Yemen Crisis Appeal).  In 2016, the OWG sent £500 to SCIAF for their 'Food for Africa' crisis appeal and £250 for general emergency funding, and £1,200 to Mary's Meals for famine relief in Malawi and £2,500 for our sponsored school feeding stations. In 2015, the OWG sent £5,800 to SCIAF for their Syria Refugee Appeal; £2,500 to Mary's Meals for their "Feed our Future" and Malawi Flood Appeals; and £1,000 to Tearfund for their Vanuatu Cyclone Appeal.

Other Projects

  • Haiti Help -  A local charity who work with children in an orphanage on La Gonave, Haiti. Three nurses, a dentist and an optician from Fife visit La Gonave annually on an assessment and work trip. Over the last 5 years the OWG has donated over £3,500 to Haiti Help which has been used to buy various items including a fridge / freezer and a table and benches for a local school; solar powered lights and water sanitisation equipment for the village next to the orphanage; and cooking pots and a printer/scanner for the orphanage.  
  • Practical Action - provides simple solutions to sustainability problems in developing countries using technology. In 2016, the OWG donated £250 for their 'Project Arsenic' (to provide water testing kits to test for arsenic in soil); in 2015 the OWG donated £500 for LPG cooking stoves in Darfur, and in 2014 £240 for a Cattle feeding project in Nepal.

Financial Statements / OSCR Reports

St. Margaret’s One World Group accounts for 2017/18 are available to download here.  The Group's report to the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR) can be viewed by downloading here.

Becoming Involved
St. Margaret’s One World Group is always seeking new members to assist with the fundraising activities (the Saturday morning coffee rota in the crypt, and the occasional Family Breakfast).  If you would be willing to give some time to get involved contact David Hambley (OWG Chairperson), or any member of the One World Group.

The Annual General Meeting of St. Margaret’s One World Group will take place on Saturday, 16th March 2019 at 11am in the Crypt.  All are welcome.