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Bonnie Brew


We were born from a discussion on Parish Outreach as part of a synodal meeting held in 2022. By November of that year we discovered that we fitted the Fife Council criteria for a “Warm Space” so applied for funding and were able to join four other churches in the centre of Dunfermline as part of the Warm Space campaign during the winter. We were funded until March 2023 when the campaign closed. The Parish agreed to continue funding the running costs as part of its commitment to Evangelisation and Outreach. Further funding is being sought to allow us to develop “Bonnie”.

What is Bonnie Brew?

Bonnie is what it says on the tin, a warm space where guests can come and spend a few hours in a welcoming and comfortable environment. As well as being physically warm, it is socially warm with the opportunity for the Guests and Volunteers to have a good blether, laugh and have social contact. The blether is sometimes serious even controversial, sometimes spiritual but always guest lead.

Who are our guests?

Anyone from the highways and byways! We welcome people of any Faith or none as we see a large part of our function to be available to those whom are socially isolated for whatever reason. We have people who are isolated at home, lonely, bereaved and those that just want a good chat including our own parishioners. The volunteers are drawn from the parish with some of the guests helping out as well.

What are the Activities?

Soup, sandwiches and of course a brew. We cater for most dietary requirements with the exception of Vegan. Newspapers and Jigsaws are available and it is hoped to provide crafting in due course.


If a guest wishes to have a private conversation, a comfortable space is available. Occasionally the guest may also ask for prayer. We do not however perform Social Work but will try to direct the guest to sources of help. We also are able to sign post to other organisations that may fit with people's requirements eg benefit advice, housing, etc.


Initially we were funded by Fife Council but when that dried up the parish stepped in. We were then invited by the council to apply for further funding for a three year period. We received encouraging noises from them due to positive feedback that they had received about our offering. Sadly due to funding cuts by the Government they were unable to grant our application. Other sources of funding are being pursued. A grant has been secured from the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust to buy a freezer so that we can reduce our food waste and running costs.

A £700 grant has been awarded to Bonnie Brew by the Asda Foundation. This money will ensure we can remain open during the Winter and hopefully extend our reach in and outwith the parish. We are very grateful to Asda for the support.

Julie, community champion from Asda at St. Leonards Street Dunfermline, presenting Bonnie Brew volunteers with a cheque

Opening Hours 

Mondays 12:00 to 15:00 with Soup and Sandwiches being served until 14:00.