Parish Groups

St. Margaret’s Parish - Faith Formation

Our Vision

St. Margaret’s Parish Faith Formation Group, operating within our Parish Community, will support, teach, strengthen and accompany everyone on their Catholic Faith journey through the process of Cathechesis.

Our Values

Love​​​, Joy​​, ​Peace​​, Patience, Kindness​​, Generosity​​, Faithfulness​​, Self-Control

Our Strategic Aims

To promote and facilitate in our Parish Community;

1) Choose the Faith

2) Learn the Faith

3) Celebrate the Faith

4) Pray the Faith

5) Share the Faith

6) Live the Faith

These Aims will be achieved with guidance from our Parish Priest and aligned with the Ecclesiastical Calendar.

Our Operational Action Plan

We will create our Plan aligned with our Strategic Aims – each group will provide details of the actions to consider for inclusion in the Plan.

Meeting Minutes

Please find below links to our recent meeting minutes.

25th January 2024

5th December 2023