6th Sunday Message Father Scott Deeley

Sunday, 9 May 2021

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Dear parishioners,

Following the Archbishop’s visit to the parish for the Vigil Masses, many of you will now know that Father Chris Heenan has agreed temporarily to withdraw from the parish following a complaint which has yet to be fully investigated.

It is understandable that there are likely to be questions and concerns. However, as you will appreciate, there are processes now on going which must be allowed to run their course. The Archbishop has assured us that he will keep us informed as and when he can.

In the meantime, and in order to ensure that the good work of the parish continues, the Archbishop has appointed me as the Administrator in Father Chris’s absence, to be assisted by Father Isaac Oshomah who is well-known to all of you. I am very grateful for Father Isaac’s continued presence among us.

I hope to come to Dunfermline and Oakley next weekend to say the Masses and to introduce myself. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible under the circumstances.

Father Chris assures you of his prayers. We keep him in our prayers and all of those who are involved.

Of your charity, kindly also remember those who have died recently: Sharon Comiskey and Patsy Walker. Sharon's funeral service will take place at Culross Cemetery on Tuesday, 11 May and Patsy's Requiem Mass takes place at Holy Name Church on Wednesday, 12 May. In accordance with current guidelines, attendance is restricted to 50 people invited by the family. God rest them both.

With my prayerful good wishes,

Masses next Weekend will be as follows

St Margarets : Saturday 4pm and 5:30 pm Sunday 08:30 am and 10:00am

Holy Name : Sunday 11:30am

Father Deeley