Father Augustus Thanks for the Memories

Sunday, 28 June 2020

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Fr Augustus.

Fr Gus came to us in November 2018, without a word of Scottish, having never tasted gin and tonic and whisky. Since his arrival he has become, like all good missionaries proficient in the local language and has reached the level of being able to distinguish between plastered (wall) and plastered (Friday night), battered (fish) and battered (fist). He has developed a liking for gin and tonic but always avoids getting into a stupor. Whisky has been a no-no – one was forced upon him at a Hogmanay party and his e’en were burling in his heid for an hour after a sip.

It has been a pleasure to have him here in the parish. His gentle good humoured ways have been appreciated and I have valued his willingness to help me in any way that he can – particularly at this time where he has developed a great proficiency in mopping floors, emptying the dishwasher and his skills as a barber as evidence.

We wish him every blessing as he returns to Rome to complete his doctorate in Canon law and hope that he can come back and visit us again soon.

Haste ye back.

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Father Chris Heenan