Father Syriac Update from the Parish House

Friday, 22 October 2021

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Father Syriac has produced the attached update from the Parish house prior to the release of the weekly newsletter

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World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday is celebrated in every Catholic community in the world. It’s a moment of grace to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ who are living in situations of poverty, violence and oppression. We are invited to join this special event, and every penny, pound and prayer you give to Missio helps missionaries everywhere continue their work.

In the Holy Father’s message for World Mission Sunday 2021, he says: ‘Jesus needs hearts capable of experiencing vocation as a true love story that urges them to go forth to the peripheries of our world as messengers and agents of compassion’. On this day, through prayer, reflection and material help, we express our support of missionaries from all continents who are striving to bring the true love of Christ to all who have yet to receive it.

May God Bless you All !

Mass for the sick

It was brought to my notice that in the last newsletter, the date for the mass for the sick in The Holy Name, Oakley was not mentioned. Please note that the mass for the sick and the healing service will be conducted in The Holy Name on Saturday 23rd October at 10am. St Margaret's will hold it on Saturday 30th October at 10am. Sorry for the confusion created by it !