Merger of Parishes - Update

Monday, 24 September 2018

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The Archbishop's Decree dated 3rd August 2018 re-organising the parish boundaries of St. Margaret's Dunfermline, and Holy Name, Oakley becomes effective 23rd September.

Fr Chris states "The key to understanding this move is that it is an administrative decree. The life, work and traditions of each Church community can and must continue. The strong foundations built in Holy Name, Oakley will continue to bear fruit and flourish. Holy Name and St. Margaret's both have long and rich histories and have much to offer still: beautiful churches, committed parishioners and a strong will to work together for the good of the Church. Let's grasp the opportunities as well as the challenges presented at this time. As we set out on this journey together, let us continue to be respectful and sensitive, open and flexible, willing to share generously, thankful and appreciative of the past and, above all, pray for one another that we may achieve together the great things that God wants us to do."