Mike Aitken

Saturday, 30 November 2019

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It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Mike Aitken, a stalwart of the St Margarets Parish Community and a key member of many different church organisations, applying his unique set of skills to each of the following organisations :

  • One World Group
  • Marys Meals
  • Parish Council
  • Eucharistic Minister
  • SCIAF.

Mike was instrumental in setting up and maintaining the Parish Website and until a few weeks ago was still updating and placing news items on the page. I certainly will miss his professionalism and attention to detail when either updating the Parish Website or counting the pennies at SCIAF box time.!!!

Mikes funeral mass will take place on the 11th December 2019 at 10am Mass with his body being received into the church at 4:30pm on the 10th December 2019.

Please remember Mike, his wife Pat and all their close family and friends at this time.