One World Group Update

Friday, 26 January 2018

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At their most recent meeting the One World Group confirmed their sponsorship of Geveh Fahncee Primary School in Liberia through Mary’s Meals school feeding programme. The school roll is 120 pupils (68 boys, 52 girls) as at 2017. The average global cost of feeding one child for a whole school year with Mary’s Meals is just £13.90. Each child is fed a meal of vitamin-enriched maize porridge / rice and peas each school day. As sponsors for the school, the One World Group require to raise £1,668 per year (£13.90 x 120 children).

The meeting also agreed to disburse £500 from funds to Mary's Meals for Geveh Fahncee Primary School, Liberia as the first payment towards the 2018 sponsorship amount.

Help the One World Group to meet this ongoing commitment by donating at the regular Saturday coffee mornings in the Crypt, or by taking a Mary’s Meals money box for small change. These boxes are available in the Crypt or from any member of the One World Group.

Please remember that the OWG serve teas / coffees and home baking in the crypt between 10:30am and 11:30am on Saturday mornings. This is open to all. No set prices, just donations.