Church Building - New Project Update

Sunday, 9 July 2017

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After further discussion with our Lottery Fund Case Officer, our Architect and the Parish Fabric Committee, we have decided to reapply for HLF funding for our Church repair work. At the last round six Churches had applied for funding, three were given the grants and are all Grade A listed. St Margaret's was 4th on the list and although our application scored well, St Margaret's is listed Grade B. We very much hope thta our application will be successful at the next round. This though will put the project back by about 6-12 months.


The Parish Fabric Committee advised in February that as the exterior of the Church building is starting to show its age, a Conservation Architect had been commissioned to carry out a complete survey of the Church and found that there is much that needs attention which could, if left, lead to serious problems. The Architect working with a Quantity Surveyor estimated the costs for such a major project to be in the region of £350,000.

The Fabric Committee then made an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for partial funding by them of the proposed project. The maximum grant HLF make is £250,000. Notification was received in June from HLF that that application, although a good application which met outcomes and did indeed qualify for funding, was ultimately unsuccessful. The Fabric Committee are continuing to make applications to other grant-funding bodies and are considering whether to make a second application to HLF. Further meetings are to be held with the Architect to discuss the way forward. The Parish will be kept advised of progress through updates in the newsletter and via the website.

This is a major project that will safeguard St Margaret's Memorial Church for the future. Sincere thanks are owed to those who have worked so hard on the HLF application and it is disappointing that it has been unsuccessful but we shall explore all other avenues for funding of this project. I am confident that, as a Parish, we have the resources and skills to achieve this. Thank you for your continued support of our monthly Building Fund Collection - without that support this project would not be possible.