Gift Aid Claim

Sunday, 5 March 2017

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St. Margaret's Parish is a registered charity and it relies on fundraising from the Parishioners through the Offertory collections taken up at Sunday Masses. As a charity, the Parish can claim Gift Aid of 25p in every £1 donated providing the donor a) has paid as much in income tax in the tax year as that being claimed, and b) has completed a Gift Aid declaration form authorising the Parish to claim such Gift Aid. For the year to April 2016, the Parish reclaimed from HMRC £18,922.10 (up from £17,968.77 in 2015).

The Parish will soon be preparing the new collection envelopes for the tax year 2017/18. If you Gift Aid your donations and have stopped paying tax, or have changed address please let John McIlduff (St. Margaret's Parish Gift Aid Co-ordinator) know.

Gift Aid is a simple and invaluable way of increasing your offerings to the Parish. If you are a tax-payer but do not currently gift aid any donations you give to the Parish, please consider doing so by speaking to John McIlduff. Your weekly offerings can also be made by standing order and the bank details can be obtained from John McIlduff or Fr. Heenan.