One World Group Update

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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At their most recent meeting the One World Group disbursed the following donations from general funds:-

  1. £1,000 to Mary's Meals to cover the cost of meals of the 120 children at the now renamed Geveh Fahncee School, Liberia. As this donation was received during Mary's Meals "Double The Love" match funding campaign, the £1,000 will be doubled and so will cover the 2017 costs for sponsoring that school. Any remaining balance will go into Mary's Meals general funds.
  2. £500 to Haiti Help. Lou from Haiti Help reported "Just a few days prior to your donation, we got a desperate appeal from the school at Mourne Augustin for money to repair their water cistern which is a very large cistern that collects rainwater and serves the school, church and many of the villagers as their only source of clean(ish) water. It had developed a major leak and needed extensive repairs. We were so grateful to be able to pass on the money from OWG. I received the following message from the Pastor. "God bless you and God bless Haiti Help. The reparations are underway for the cistern. We work on the reparations. God bless you all the time."

The 2017 reports from Mary's Meals on two primary schools which the OWG have supported with donations - a) Chinyaza Primary School in Zomba, Malawi and b) Geveh Fahncee Primary School in Liberia are available to be viewed in the crypt, or can be downloaded from the OWG page by clicking here. Collection money boxes for Mary's Meals are also available from the OWG table in the crypt or from any member of the OWG.

Please remember that the OWG serve teas / coffees and home baking in the crypt between 10:30am and 11:30am on Saturday mornings. This is open to all. No set prices, just donations.