SCIAF Wee Boxes

Sunday, 2 April 2017

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Your SCIAF Wee Box can be returned to the Sacristy any time between now and Easter.

This year the SCIAF appeal tells the story of how SCIAF is helping families in Zambia to overcome the challenges of hunger and poverty, made worse by climate change, so they can grow the food they need and build a more secure future for themselves. The theme for this year's appeal is "Today's seeds are tomorrow's bread". The Wee Box features a small farmer from Zambia named David Munyendeyi and his family who through donations to SCIAF has been helped to get tools, seeds and training to grow his way out of poverty and hunger for his family.

The Wee Box envelope also contains a campaign card which is addressed to MSP's asking them to stop the climate crisis running out of control by setting out a clear plan to phase out fossil fuels from Scotland's energy mix, and to promote access to clean energy for people in developing countries. You are urged to complete a card with your contact details and return it to SCIAF for forwarding to the Scottish Parliament.