St. Margaret's National Pilgrimage 2017

Monday, 12 June 2017

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Despite changeable weather throughout the day, several hundred pilgrims gathered in Dunfermline for the 3rd (in recent times) National Pilgrimage of St. Margaret of Scotland held on Sunday,11th June 2017. The procession led by Archbishop Cushley and including the relic of St. Margaret made its way from Pittencrieff Park through Bridge Street, High Street, East Port to St. Margaret's RC Memorial Church for the celebration of Mass.

This Pilgrimage Mass was concelebrated by Archbishop Cushley and a number of the local clergy and was streamed live to the crypt of St. Margaret's and to Carnegie Hall for those pilgrims who could not be accommodated within the Church. The Mass can be watched online on YouTube by clicking here.

More photos and video from the day will be posted here as soon as available.