The Voskresenije Choir

Sunday, 19 November 2017

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The Voskresenije Choir, all internationally trained at the world class St. Petersburg Conservatoire and conducted by musical director Jurij Maruk, sang a concert programme in two parts: the first half concentrated on Russian sacred music by Rachmaninov,and others, and the second a series of Russian folk songs, which allowed in particular each of the performers to provide a solo. The song about the drunk Bursch (set in a pub!) was particularly popular as it gave the Basso Profundo Anatolii Artamonov an opportunity to display an extraordinary range of bass notes that few even in the world of Russian choral music can attain. In all, the eight performers, four male and four female voices, sang for nearly an hour and a half, and thrilled the audience with their spectacular sound - the harmonies of which are unique to Russian music." In particular we remember "My Love is Like a red, red Rose" beautifully sung by contra-tenor Vitalii Nagibin.